Wall Cladding

Statement-Making Wall Cladding Hamilton

Elevate the exterior of your house with our statement-making wall cladding available in both standard corrugate 5-rib and high-end Euro tray profiles. Modern house design aesthetics are favouring metal cladding; for the entire wall cladding or as a decorative feature inserted proportionately. Westgate Roofing can clad your home to achieve that on-trend visual impact and long-lasting protection that cladding provides. Each profile is not just a protective shield for your walls but a design element that transforms mere surfaces into architectural sophistication.

The standard corrugate 5-rib wall cladding is light, stylish and strong enough to stand the test of time. Its distinctive five-rib pattern creates a visually appealing texture and adds a touch of traditional elegance to your exterior.

While the high-end Euro tray profile is a sophisticated choice that redefines contemporary exteriors and ensures that your walls are well-protected. The Euro tray design is characterised by clean lines and a flush finish, creating a sleek and minimalist look. Its high-end appeal makes it a perfect choice for those seeking a cutting-edge design statement for their exteriors.

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