Fascia & Spouting

Fascia & Spouting Installation Experts

Improve the functionality and enhance the aesthetics of your home with our expert fascia and spouting installation service that seamlessly blend durability, style, and functionality. We take pride in offering top-notch installations of external fascia, as well as Continuous spouting in a diverse range of colours, allowing you to complement your roof choice seamlessly. 

We have our own Old Gothic spouting machine that we take to site to limit issues with leaky spouting by having too many joins.

We currently have the following spouting and fascia profiles

  • External fascia and spouting- 185 and 147 Colorsteel panels 
  • Continuous OG(Old Gothic) is custom run on-site to the required length, providing a tailored solution for both old or modern homes. 
  • The ¼ and ½ round spouting, ideal for traditional New Zealand homes, effortlessly blends with both heritage and contemporary designs. 
  • 120mm box gutter to ensure efficient rainwater drainage and add a subtle architectural touch to enhance the overall appeal of your home.

We can source other profiles of fascia and spouting upon request dependent on availability.

With the wide range of roofing materials available your house can look as good as new.

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